Viability Analysis

There may come a point in time when stakeholders are concerned that a turnaround may no longer be possible.  If so, Leeb Partners also specializes in preparing viability analyses to help determine the course of future actions.  If the stakeholders eventually decide that a liquidation is necessary, we will assist in carrying out their instructions to liquidate the assets.  We will:

  • Use unbiased, thorough analyses to resolve sensitive issues that may have festered between board members, creditors, employees, donors, grantors, family members or friends
  • Operate as the catalyst for change and instill a sense of urgency to maximize values
  • Sort through either the proliferation of data or the lack of data to help develop a sound strategy
  • Determine if additional investment is likely to help surmount current problems and result in a long-term success
  • Help to create feasible and practical implementation plans, identifying the people who will be responsible, action plans and their respective deadline dates
  • Help in conducting due diligence and negotiations
  • If appropriate, finish out the current programs and coordinate and organize the sale of assets
  • Collect accounts receivable
  • Negotiate with creditors

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