Where a turnaround almost always involves some level of crisis management, a transformation is somewhat different.  In the case of a transformation the organization may not yet be in crisis mode – it may just be suffering from lifecycle fatigue.

New Life and Future Growth

Technically, a transformation occurs when an organization has new life breathed into it.  A transformation is not an incremental process – it is a fundamental change that renews the entity’s upward trajectory returning the organization to growth and success.

Transformations are difficult and involve deep change in the organization.  Leeb Partners’ team of professionals has the knowledge of nonprofits, the business acumen and the tenacity to plan the transformation and to manage change properly to implement the plan.

Prevent the Need for a Future Turnaround in a Crisis

Without a strategic transformation it is usually wishful thinking that a nonprofit will somehow return to its former glory.  Even if a nonprofit does go through a strong continuous improvement process, there is usually a slow decay that begins and this starts to escalate within a few years as new competitors, new technologies and new business models erode market share and margins.  Unless there is a business transformation at this time, the organization will continue to decline, inevitably requiring a turnaround at some point in the future.  Let us help you avoid having to go through a turnaround.  Let us help you envision a transformed organization and then we will help you to implement sound strategies that will help you achieve this vision.

We are organized specifically to help nonprofits enhance their leadership capabilities, provide new ideas and strengthen their business orientation. We are constantly looking for new ideas and perspectives to be able to help our clients compete with the best, particularly in difficult economic situations.

Turnaround of the Year Award

Leeb Partners is lead by Fred Leeb, winner of the Turnaround of the Year Award from the Detroit Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association (please see the following Case Study for details).

Since 1994, we have been extensively involved in nonprofit operations and governance in many states including Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Minnesota, Virginia, Connecticut and Missouri. We have first-hand experience as nonprofit change agents from all perspectives–as a staff person, as a board member, as a board leader and as a consultant.

Don’t Rely on Fundraising Miracles

Today’s nonprofit can no longer rely on nonprofit fundraising miracles or continual cost cuts.

Leeb Partners stands out from other consulting firms because of the experience of our people in managing successful for-profit and nonprofit turnarounds, enabling a solid foundation for future growth.  Our multi-disciplined, practical approach:

  • Enhances the organization’s business orientation
  • Improves the relationship between the nonprofit CEO, the nonprofit board and its stakeholders
  • Enables successful nonprofit fundraising, planning and hiring to achieve greater success