Governance, Strategic Planning, and Budget Reviews

Leeb Partners helps our clients to be successful, even in difficult economic situations, because we are constantly looking for new ideas and perspectives to help them to compete with the best.  We provide ideas and processes to gain board and staff commitments to achieve your long-term goals.  Our services include the following:

  • Evaluating or revisiting the mission, if necessary
  • Tying to the mission—prioritizing scarce human and capital resources and translating this to the budget and the plan; helping you to decide what to focus on and what should be pruned now to enable growth in the future
  • Clarifying objectives; developing both financial and non-financial measures of success
  • Developing incentive compensation and recognition plans
  • Tracking actual results and holding staff accountable based on established concrete action plans, deadlines and clear lines of responsibility
  • Improving communication skills—communicating with all the stakeholders properly and effectively
  • Providing new perspectives and solutions (e.g., analyzing competitive advantages)
  • Providing temporary additional management resources if they are spread too thin over too many programs, departments or business units
  • Utilizing focus groups, surveys and other feedback
  • Implementing continuous planning cycles
  • Assessing short and long-term outcomes
  • Obtaining unbiased Input from the staff, board and other stakeholders
  • Analyzing the potential impact of capital expenditure scenarios
  • Allocating revenue and expense on a reasonable and practical basis
  • Utilizing breakeven analyses and other tools
  • Using endowments
  • Monitoring plan implementation
  • Updating the financial projections and action plans based on significant changes during the current year