Resolving Chronic Problems

Leeb Partners specializes in resolving highly sensitive chronic problems.  Leeb Partners provides highly-qualified outside professionals with excellent track records who can:

  • Gather and analyze the facts objectively,
  • Work to generate a consensus,
  • Develop practical solutions,
  • Instill a sense of urgency to speed the process, and
  • Help to implement, if necessary and appropriate, the necessary changes to maximize the likelihood of success.

How can Leeb Partners help your governmental entity?

An unbiased professional from Leeb Partners may be much more able to take a fresh look at the problem, conduct unemotional interviews with key individuals, develop a thorough and fair analysis and recommend a clear-cut decision.  Once completed, there often is a tremendous increase in productivity because people can focus again on the success of the local unit rather than on their own frustrations and internal controversies.

A Leeb Partners professional also brings to the table a toolbox full of solutions, processes and expertise gained from working in many different industries and businesses facing similar problems to what you are facing today.  We know what works and what doesn’t work because we already have had the opportunity to manage through tough issues and we know how to avoid many common pitfalls.

The best governmental entities are constantly looking for new ideas and fresh approaches.  Many times, they recognize that experienced consultants can provide tremendous benefits and generate returns equal to a multiple of their cost.  This is because they are working constantly with other clients and professionals having many different skill sets and backgrounds.

When a governmental entity teams up with a professional, it can leverage that professional’s expertise.  The local staff, by utilizing an outside professional, is no longer limited to their own expertise because they now have control of a new arsenal of solutions to bring to bear on the issues at hand.    As a result, the team can be extremely successful.