Budget Reviews and Deficit Elimination Plans

Nothing is more dangerous to continued viability than the perceptions of continued denial of fundamental problems and deficit elimination plans that do not reflect reality.  In today’s difficult financial and competitive times, leadership credibility is the first priority and is more important even than cash. Leeb Partners helps management by working through difficult situations, by building achievable budgets and plans, and if necessary, by implementing change in a pragmatic, business-like manner.

Leeb Partners can help even when people think they no longer have the resources to go forward.  We quickly solve chronic problems that local units may face from having:

  • Gaps in communication between various factions and other stakeholders
  • A budget in place but no effective implementation plans (often causing leaders to jump from crisis to crisis)
  • Cash flow problems
  • Incomplete strategic planning without detailed tactical action plans to implement strategies
  • Management resources that are spread too thin over too many departmental units
  • Losses of good employees and business relationships
  • Unclear measurable performance objectives and inadequate accountability
  • Insufficient and infrequent feedback mechanisms
  • No continuous planning loop
  • Inadequate resources for major maintenance projects, reinvestment, training or consulting expertise
  • The need for an interim administrator or manager

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