Strategic Planning and Performance Improvements

Thorough strategic planning is critical to a company’s viability. A key ingredient to future success is utilizing outside sources at the appropriate time to look for new ideas and perspectives. This continuous process enables clients to be able to compete with the best, even in difficult economic situations.

In today’s business environment, leadership and credibility are paramount. When a company is struggling, Leeb Partners provides new ideas, assists management navigate challenges and builds a business plan to address the company’s current needs. A key element of our process is helping to restore credibility with stakeholders.

Leeb Partners specializes in helping companies that are short on cash, time and resources.  We help to implement fundamental change. We work with management to identify untapped resources to start rebuilding businesses.

We quickly solve chronic business problems like:

  • Communication issues between stakeholders
  • Unrealistic budgets
  • Cash flow problems
  • Lack of competitive advantages
  • Tactical action plans that are inadequate to go beyond today’s issues
  • No continuous planning loop
  • Stressed management resources that are spread too thin
  • Human resource issues – loss of talent
  • Measurement objectives and tools that do not clearly gauge performance
  • Inadequate and infrequent feedback mechanisms
  • The need for an interim CEO or COO