Interim CEO and COO Services

Leeb Partners specializes in business successions where stockholders need a highly-qualified, trustworthy outside professional with an excellent track record to serve as interim Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer. This role may be necessary when no current internal candidate has the necessary consensus of support or is ready, willing and able to take the reins of the company at the time.

Manage Improvements, Not Just Maintenance of the Status Quo

When an interim CEO or COO is needed, Leeb Partners will:

  • Work with the stockholders to help the business achieve the next level of success through professional management.
  • Manage the client company properly; stockholders will have complete access to detailed company information.
  • Focus on strengthening operating cash flows, increasing dividends to stockholders, training high-potential family members, employees or others to eventually become the CEO or COO and try to maintain jobs for key employees.

Build Trust and Teamwork

Leeb Partners will provide the following benefits:

  • Provide an excellent option for families who need a new CEO/COO but do not have a person to assume the responsibility today.
  • Help stockholders gather information, analyze the data, assist with human resource issues, monitor cash flows, assess expenses, and evaluate performance.
  • Buy time to enable the proper training of high-potential family members or others to become the CEO or COO.
  • Enable stockholders to maintain their stock ownership until the economy improves, financing is available and a sale can be handled in an orderly manner instead of an emergency.
  • Allow stockholders to continue to receive their dividends and, possibly, employee salaries rather than resorting to liquidation to raise funds. The presence of an interim CEO/COO allows the company to maintain or increase the going concern value.
  • Minimize conflict between stockholders by having an unbiased CEO in place.
  • Provide an opportunity for family members and employees to maintain employment longer.
  • Bring over 35 years of experience from working in excess of 50 industries to the management of your business.
  • Build consensus and communicate with stockholders.
  • Coordinate a smooth, professional transition to the new management team when another candidate is ready to become the permanent CEO or COO.