Value Proposition and Affordability

When a business, nonprofit organization or government entity struggles with cash flow issues, hiring an outside turnaround consultant may seem like an unreasonable expense.  On the other hand, hiring Leeb Partners is likely to be the highest return investment that you will ever make.  We help you to generate the added cash flow needed to make the process a win-win success.  The credibility and leadership that we bring to the table can be critical to improving your position under highly stressful conditions. We help your team build confidence and credibility with staff and stakeholders.

Building Confidence Causes Stakeholders to Pull Together

Once everyone regains confidence in the leadership, it is in the interest of all of the stakeholders to pull together instead of apart, significantly increasing the likelihood of success.  This is because the organization is often much more valuable to all parties as a strong going concern than if it is liquidated.

How we help organizations fix the cash crunch:

  • Negotiating extended payment terms with creditors
  • Prioritizing programs and services and focusing more resources on fewer areas, freeing up cash for critical purchases and improvements
  • Re-focusing managerial time on key issues rather than having to fight fires and jump from crisis to crisis
  • Improving systems and resolving disputes to collect receivables more quickly
  • Identifying and selling excess or underutilized assets (e.g., land, buildings, equipment, etc.) and renegotiating or canceling leases
  • Renegotiating major contracts
  • Reducing overhead expenses
  • Evaluating the productivity of existing staff
  • Evaluating the pricing structure and identifying areas for increased profit
  • Identifying off-balance sheet intangible assets
  • Operating on a commission basis
  • Evaluating outsourcing options
  • Building confidence in a new plan for success
  • Communicating with stakeholders in a straightforward manner

Every restructuring or turnaround experience is different – Leeb Partners will identify the best course of action for you.