Our Approach

In this unprecedented economic and business climate, clients need advisors who are skillful at handling complex and often exceptional situations.  At Leeb Partners, we pride ourselves on our diversity of experiences, our successful track record, and our process of listening to and working closely with current employees to maximize performance quickly.

Our First Step is to Listen

We listen and respect the expertise of our clients and their knowledge of their operations. From years of practical experience, our team has developed a wide range of tools to help clients identify new opportunities, avoid pitfalls and enable the organization to achieve at high levels. We have a track record of bringing innovative, time-tested and practical solutions to organizations in a cost-effective manner.

Our dedicated, knowledgeable and award-winning professionals have worked with many multi-billion dollar corporations and numerous small businesses in over 50 industries, a wide variety of nonprofits and numerous government entities and municipalities.

We Use Teamwork and Focus to Get the Job Done Now

Leeb Partners can help you to grow, overcome challenges and resolve systemic problems.  We work with businesses, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations to rebuild faltering plans and structures by:

  • Addressing underlying problems and resolving them in a non-threatening manner
  • Leading with a strong sense of urgency
  • Using time effectively to create change now
  • Operating ethically to build credibility with all stakeholders and to increase teamwork and trust. We understand that credibility even supersedes cash in importance because it can be used to obtain additional time and desperately needed cash.
  • Communicating clearly and often to resolve your issues while minimizing internal and external politics.