Family Business Issues and Succession Planning

Family businesses present distinctive and sometimes emotional issues. Leeb Partners offers experienced and trustworthy professionals who:

  • Gather and analyze facts objectively
  • Work to generate a consensus
  • Develop practical solutions
  • Instill a sense of urgency to accelerate the process
  • Help to implement changes to increase success

Increase Productivity by Eliminating Barriers

An unbiased professional from outside the company brings a fresh perspective to the current issues. As a neutral participant in the process, our team will conduct interviews with key individuals, develop a thorough and fair analysis and make unbiased recommendations. This process often helps increase productivity, by eliminating barriers.

Infuse New Ideas and Solutions

An outside professional adds perspective and expertise to family business issues and can be a helpful resource to CEOs looking to explore new directions and ideas.  A Leeb Partners professional also brings to the table a toolbox full of solutions, processes and expertise gained from working in many different industries and businesses facing similar problems to those your company faces today.  We know what works because we have a track record of helping businesses succeed even under very difficult conditions.