Competitive Advantages

We work with clients to provide insight and expertise and create plans that are realistic and executable.

Our competitive advantages stem from: 

  • Increasing cost effectiveness – we use the existing personnel and resources rather than contracting a new outside team, to avoid excessive outside advisory fees and speed the process whenever possible.
  • Maximizing Return on Investment – because we work with your existing personnel, our learning curve is minimal and the knowledge we share transfers quickly within your organization.
  • Being resourceful – we are often successful even when there is no cash and little or no time for change; we generate a high multiple of value to our fees.
  • Operating pragmatically – all plans and recommendations are made with a realistic implementation in mind.  If you desire, we will help implement our recommendations.
  • Functioning as a trustworthy partner – part of our role in the turnaround process is dealing with sensitive information. We understand the important role of confidentiality and discretion related to client data and access.
  • Being responsive – in a turnaround situation, timing is critical. We work strategically but rapidly to develop concrete and actionable solutions.
  • Operating in an unbiased manner – restructuring a business or organization can be sensitive for all parties involved. We provide unbiased analyses and recommendations.

Our Expertise

  • Turnarounds and Workouts
  • Transformations
  • Budgets and Planning
  • Financials and Cash Flow Improvements
  • Resolving Chronic Issues with Unbiased Analyses and Expertise
  • Viability Analyses
  • Contract Renegotiation
  • Communications with All Stakeholders
  • Consolidation and Other Efficiency Improvements
  • Leadership and Interim Management/Interim CEO

Our team is experienced in understanding both the big picture and the hundreds of important details that may be the tipping point in moving your organization toward success.  We help organizations identify fundamental issues and develop integrated solutions that are designed to be extremely practical.