You have done an excellent job in taking a fresh look at our business. You have shown us how to learn from our mistakes and have given us creative new ideas to turn our company around and make it successful again. I only wish that we would have hired you a long time ago. Shame on us if we don’t follow through now and fully implement these changes.” CEO Environmental Company
Hi Fred, We enjoyed working with you! You asked tough questions sometimes, but when you received a satisfactory answer you moved forward and didn’t look back. You did a great job for your client. We hope to have the chance to work with you again, too! Steve Mitchell
Fred, I wanted to write to you to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of work that you performed on our recent matter. My client and I were very impressed with your organization skills, your ability to analyze and resolve complex issues, and most importantly with the integrity that you demonstrated throughout this matter. We look forward to hiring and working with you in the near future. Best regards, Basil

Six Ways to Get Your Top Priority Projects Done Now and Get Higher Returns on Your Hidden Assets

By Fred Leeb, Leeb Partners, LLC This is the perfect time to take two very important management actions.  First, focus on your most important, highest return, highest priority projects.  Don’t fall into the procrastination trap of working on your lowest … Continue reading

Growth Becoming an Issue? The Opportunity Audit Solution

Is your company or your client’s company going through growth pangs?   Is leadership struggling with larger issues that they don’t have adequate time to address, worried about likely complications that are not yet investigated, or being frustrated by small issues that … Continue reading

Doing Nothing-The Cause of 10 Devastating but Common Small/Family Business Disasters

Doing Nothing-The Cause of 10 Devastating but Common Small/Family Business Disasters by Fred Leeb, Leeb Partners, LLC You are not alone.  Just like a large percentage of CEO’s and boards of small/family businesses, you probably have your hands full with … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from the Best: Are You Certain That Your Business Won’t Be Facing Tough Times Soon?

By Fred Leeb, Leeb Partners, LLC, November 15, 2017 What will happen to your business if some or all of the following come true: 1) Interest rates increase more than expected because the Fed continues to increase the Fed Funds … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from the Best: 6 Management Styles to Emulate

By Fred Leeb, Leeb Partners, LLC, October 3, 2017 1) Harness your passion: remember the adage—“Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” You will need all the energy you can muster to make your … Continue reading

Are the Three Little Pigs Guarding the Henhouse? Are the Three Credit Bureaus Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

Eric T. Schneiderman, New York’s attorney general, on Wednesday. He has opened an investigation into the large-scale data breach disclosed by Equifax on Thursday. Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.   By Fred Leeb, Leeb Partners, LLC, September 11, 2017 Will the hack … Continue reading

Highlights of the Pontiac Turnaround Success

Being the Emergency Financial Manager in Pontiac for 15 months was a very challenging but highly successful experience. Our team, including our Managing Director, Geni Giannotti, and the city's staff proved that, even in an extremely difficult political environment, we could quickly generate two years of surplus after many years of deficits. It consumed all of our time but it gave us an opportunity to make a major positive impact on a large community. We clearly demonstrated that our proven turnaround techniques will work even though Pontiac, as is the case with many other cities and schools, has suffered through years of rapidly declining revenues, had already cut to the bone, and was demoralized.

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Spotlight on the News: The Debate Over Proposals 1 & 5

"A mini-debate on Proposal #1 was held and aired Sunday, October 28, 2012 on WXYZ Channel 7's Spotlight on the News program hosted by Chuck Stokes. The participants were Herb Sanders, attorney for Stand Up for Democracy (the coalition that sought to place the referendum on the ballot) and me (the former Emergency Financial Manager of the City of Pontiac). I strongly recommend that you vote YES on Proposal #1."

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